Working to recognise and understand the experiences of carers affected by violent, abusive and harmful behaviour 







We are a small research team based at the University of Birmingham.  We are investigating the needs and experiences of family carers who are affected by violent, abusive or harmful behaviour from the older person for whom they care.  The focus of this research is on exploring the impact of this behaviour rather than its cause.  We are working to raise awareness of this sensitive and complex issue and to develop better support and advice for affected families.


Welcome to our site

The site will provide regular updates about the project on the Project Progress page.  Information about opportunities to take part in the project can be found on the Take Part page.  There are short articles that discuss ideas and research on the Blogs page.  The Carers’ Voices page is a space for families and carers to share their views and experiences.  We warmly invite people to contact us if they would like to do this too.  Finally, there is information about services that people interested or affected by this topic may find useful in Advice and Information.


If you would like to comment of contribute to the site, please Contact Us.   If you would like to receive automatic updates about the project and be notified when new posts are published, you can subscribe to our free newsletter (see the end of each page).