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Why be involved in research?

Taking part in research means different things to different people.  It can be a chance to share your experiences and views about something that matters to you or that you feel is not well understood.  It can also be a chance to be part of changing how things work or improving services.  Other people find it interesting to be see research ‘works’ in practice.  There are lots of other reasons why people take part in research in the health and social sciences.    Follow the links below if you would like to hear about other people’s experiences of interviews, focus groups and other types of research.







Recruiting now:  Advisory group members

We are recruiting advisors who are carers, ex-carers and/or health and social care professionals or researchers who have experience or an interest in this topic.  There are many practical and ethical issues to address and we welcome the perspectives of people with knowledge and understanding of this issue and/ or of carrying out research with carers or people affected by family violence.  For further information:






Recruiting now:  Participants for one-to-one and group interviews

We are recruiting carers and ex-carers with experience of or interest in this topic.   We welcome people with different views and experiences about this sensitive and hidden issue.  We will discuss and support people to participate in the project in line with their individual needs and skills.  For further information:





Participant information sheet



If you don’t want to take part in an interview but would like to share your views, please get in touch with us.  We are keen to hear about your experiences and want to support you to do this in whatever feels the most comfortable way.  This could involve, for example: talking on the phone, communicating by letter or email, or with the help of someone that you know and trust.