Project progress

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Work completed so far and future plans







Current phase

The project has received approval from the University of Birmingham’s Ethics Review Committee.  As a result, we are now seeking to recruit people to take part in the project.  People may be interested in: 1) the one-to-one interview  2) the focus groups 3) becoming a member of our advisory team.


If you would like to find out more about what taking part would involve, please visit the Take Part page.



Completed phases 

Phase 1)  Looking at the evidence 

We have looked at the literature relating to this issue to help inform our design and research questions. There were three major findings.  1) We found that there was limited research about this topic and that the problem is viewed differently by families, professionals and researchers.  This makes it hard to define the problem and to pull together evidence and resources.  2) We also found that there were challenges for researchers in terms of identifying people affected by the problem because it is a hidden and sensitive issue.  It was suggested that families may find it difficult to be open about their experiences and to explain situations for fear of blame or negative consequences.  3) Lastly, we found that the nature of families’ relationships in the past and whether they had previously experienced violence affected how often and how severely they experienced violence when caring.


Phase 2): Design, ethics and working with the advisory group 

In August 2016, the project was approved by the University of Birmingham Research Ethics Committee.  At the time we also began work with a small group of carers, services users and professionals who are working with us advisory.  The advisory group have and continue to play a crucial role in developing and testing ideas for the project.  


Phase 3):  Recruitment for advisers, interview and focus group participants

This is the current stage of the project.  Please see the take part pages for more details.