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The research team

We are a small research team at the College of Medical and Dental Sciences at the University of Birmingham.  Louise is a doctoral researcher and a qualified social worker with practice experience.  Dr Caroline Bradbury Jones and Dr Alistair Hewison lead the project.  They are both experienced academics with significant expertise and a track-record of carrying out research on sensitive topics.  They are also both qualified nurses with significant practice experience.



Carers’ research network 

All three members of the research team work with the University of Birmingham Research Network on Informal and Formal Care-giving.  This network brings together academics, care-givers and caring professionals involved in research and debate about contemporary issues of caring and care.



Contact details


Louise_IshamDoctoral researcher: Louise Isham






Co-supervisor:  Dr Caroline Bradbury-Jones   0121 414 3951






Co-supervisor:  Dr Alistair Hewison 414 3951